My toddler is hilarious.  She has a sense of humour, and is sweet and knows how to smile at just the right time when asking for something.

But one of the things she doesn’t like are adjectives.  Sound strange? It’s true.

My son has always been used to the gazillion nicknames and pet names we use for him.  Versions of his name, rhyming words with his name, plus babe, dear, sweetie pie, monkey, etc.

My daughter on the other hand has taken to not liking certain adjectives.  She has accepted the couple of nicknames we’ve given her, those don’t seem to be the problems, but the adjectives become an issue.

For example “Goodnight, baby girl”.

Her: “I not a baby!”

Us: “Goodnight, sweet girl”

Her: “I not sweet!”

Erm ok.  So then we have to just call her ‘girl’.  Is she forcing us to say her name normally? 😉

It’s pretty funny.  Because no matter how casually we drop the words “come on monkey, let’s head upstairs” she has a reply: “I not a monkey!”.  Apparently, she takes these names literally.

It’s just one of the cute quirks she has that makes us smile.

But what she doesn’t realize is while she may not like it when I call her ‘baby girl’.  She always will be my baby girl.

Do your kids react like these when you use nicknames or adjectives in front of their name?