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Gifts for New Parents: Food! 6 Tips to help decide what to bring

Although it’s been many years since we had an infant in the house, I do remember how special receiving food as a gift after we arrived home and in the weeks after having the baby was to us.   I was hungry all the time, but neither my husband (who was busy with the toddler and helping me and babe) or I would always want to prepare something on a busy or tiring day.

Friends and family brought yummy food or food gift certificates and now when people ask what they should bring new parents, food is my number 1 answer.

Not sure what to bring? Here are some tips to consider:

1 – Double check allergies

Before bringing peanut butter cookies, or an egg quiche to the house, make sure that the parents (or any other children) don’t have any allergy issues.  Also note if the family is gluten-free, vegetarian etc.  Doing a little bit of homework ahead of time will be appreciated.

2 – Easy to grab/insta-snacks

A basket of muffins, pastries, or high-protein granola bars will benefit dad who is on the go and running around changing diapers, and mom who is feeding and tired at all hours of the day.

I brought my friend one of my favourite cheeses with bread crisps and nachos/salsa for snacks since I hadn’t had a chance to bake.  They are tasty and easy to grab!

3 – Fresh Fruit/Vegetables are needed

It’s one thing to always have muffins around and quick snacks, but having pre-cut fruit and vegetables ready to grab from the fridge was something I really appreciated when people dropped them off.  Sometimes getting groceries was last on the list of to-dos, so being able to grab a banana in the middle of the night was a refreshing change from the mini muffins I kept by the bed (no, really I did!)

4- Complete meals

Bringing a complete is amazing.  I had a friend put together an entire spaghetti dinner with homemade sauce, the bowl, bread and a box of pasta.  All I had to do was boil the pasta.

Another friend prepared fish chowder and biscuits.  Supper and lunch were done and I just had to reheat the soup.  Loved it.

Anytime I didn’t have to think ‘what should we have for dinner?’ was a blessing.

5 – Freezer meals

Lasagne, casseroles, anything that I could pop in the freezer for those really tough days were wonderful.  I usually buy foil casserole dishes and portion meals into that or use mason jars for soups.

6- Gift Certificates

Not a cook or going for an impromptu visit? Gift certificates to grab a meal somewhere for take out are very helpful!

Do you bring food when visiting new parents? What’s your ‘go-to’ recipe/food gift?